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Welcome to A Foreign Affair - the world's largest and most respected Introduction and Tour service.

A Foreign Affair gives you an opportunity to place your personal ad with photo on our site www.loveme.com. Thousands of men from all over the world visit our site daily.
Founded in early 1995, we were the first on-line Introduction and Tour Company, introducing thousands of Western men to beautiful women from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries of the former Soviet Union. By joining A Foreign Affair you get a great chance to find a partner abroad.

All our services are COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE for women!!!

You may either submit your profile online, by filling in the form below; or download the Printable Questionnaire and send it via mail. If you choose to download the Printable Questionnaire and send it via mail, please complete the form and include your photos and a copy of your passport.

Printable Questionnaire

Please read the following rules and instructions carefully before completing the form.

·  All fields are required or your profile will NOT be accepted.

·   At least two photos are required.
Photo requirements: minimum image resolution is 300х450 or 450х300 pixels, JPG format

·   We recommend that you fill in the form in English

·   Please provide as many contact details as possible (e.g. e-mail, ICQ, postal address, home/work/mobile phones).
Your postal address and at least one phone number are required. Please note that your contact information will not be made publicly available on our site and will be available only for men interested in you (by their request).

·   Please do not use CAPS LOCK to enter your information

·   Fill out the form and click the Submit Button at the bottom of the page. Please click the Submit Button once to submit your request. Note that this process could take a long time to complete, please do not press 'Reload' or 'Back' in your browser.

·   Please note, that your profile will be available to the foreign men after approving.

  Please, fill in the Questionnaire:
*Image of your passport photo page:
*Your photo (1st):
*Your photo (2nd):
Your photo (3rd):
Your photo (4th):
Your photo (5th):
Your photo (6th):
*First Name:
*Last Name:
*Mail address:
*Residential address:
*Phone (1st):
Phone (2nd) :
E-mail address:
*How do you rate yor English speaking skills?
Excellent Good Fair Poor None
What other languages do you speak?
*Date of birth :
*Age :
*Height, cm :
*Weight, kg :
Measurements :
*Hair color :
*Eye color :
*Etnicity :
Religion :
*Marital status :
Single Divorced Widowed
*Do you have children?
Yes No
Boy(s) : age(s) :
Girl(s) : age(s) :
Do they live with you?
Yes No
Do you want to have more children?
Yes No Don't know
Do you have pets/what kind?
*Do you smoke?
Yes No Occasionally
*Do you drink?
Yes No Occasionally Very little
Where do you work?
Education :
Job title:
Other special training or courses :
Most important things in your life:
Sports :
Hobbies :
What is your favorite activity?
Please provide a detailed description of yourself:
Who is you perfect mate?
*Passport # :


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